The Preserved Kitchen started with a desire to share my passion with the world. Throughout my childhood, my mother would always be spending weekends making jams, chutneys and so much more! It wasn’t until I moved out that I found myself buying the cheapest jam on the shelf which not only never tasted as good but contained so much more sugar and ingredients I had never heard of!

From here, instead of turning to supermarket shelves for preserves, I turned to my local markets for fresh ingredients and would spend hours in the kitchen working on recipes to making everyday items from scratch, from tomato ketchup to curry powders to dried herbs.

I realised so many things on this journey; the support of local markets by buying their produce, the cost overall is significantly less, I know exactly what is going into my food; no preservatives, no secret ingredients and in turn I was reducing the waste; every ingredient I would make sure I used every pennies worth!

I’m so happy to have the chance to share some of my recipes and ideas with you – I hope you find them useful!

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