Cherry Infused Vodka

A great way to preserve fruits like cherries outside of season, but most importantly make a delicious drinks! Experiment with different fruits and use this as a great base for cocktails or serve neat. I also love to make this in batches and give as a gift.


70cl vodka

500g cherries (can be frozen also)

100g white sugar (optional)

Enjoy a shot of Cherry vodka with a glass of prosecco

Use the above measurements to increase or decrease the quantities you want to make. I usually use any vodka, as the fruits bring amazing flavour I tend not to go for expensive vodka here.

Many recipes for flavoured vodkas don’t use sugar as the fruits already contain natural sugars, I always do but you can skip for lower sweetness.

Firstly, if using fresh cherries, no need to remove the stones, just score the cherries to ensure they have chance to release all the flavour!

Pour all the ingredients into a seal-able container and shake well to mix. Leave in a cool, dry place for at least 1 month. Every week or so, shake the container to ensure all the sugar gets dissolved.

After 1 month (or leave for up to 2 months if possible!), sieve out the cherries and sediments and decant the vodka into a clean, sterilized bottle (see tips on this here) and label ready to use!

Be sure to use the alcohol soaked fruits, I enjoy using them to make a boozy fruit crumble!

TOP TIP: You can easily experiment with the fruits, we have tried this with blueberries, raspberries, damsons, rhubarb and so much more – enjoy!

TOP TIP: This also makes the perfect Christmas gift, if you have some taster size bottles to decant they will be great in a hamper gift, see more recipes like these below!

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Did you try this recipe? Get in touch and let us know!

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